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A Traveler Since I Was Born

Welcome to Travelin’ Kait!

Hi! I’m Kaitlin and I love to travel, write, and volunteer. I am 18 years old and have been traveling my entire life with my family. I was born in Amsterdam and also lived in Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Paris, and Rome all by the time I was seven. For the next 7 years, I lived in Venice, Italy – yet in 2013, we went back on the road for an open-ended journey to see the world. So far we have visited 68 countries on 6 continents with no end in sight! My greatest joy is meeting and helping others as we travel and sharing their stories through my writing – opening hearts and minds to the realities and amazing people of the world.

Join me to discover, volunteer, inspire, and unite with people and places around the world!

At my charity, Kids Unite 4 Hope, our goal is to inspire change for a brighter future. The youth of today are the future leaders, teachers, and parents of tomorrow.We must come together NOW to make the world a better place.

Never in the history of the world has there been a better time to unite as one voice thanks to the power of technology. We can now virtually travel anywhere and learn about any culture – becoming open-minded global citizens dedicated to helping others and changing the world.

Let’s create a better future. UNITE WITH US TODAY! 

Chicken Soup For The Soul

My Story “A Heart Full of Memories” came out in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, The Joy of Less, on April 19th, 2016! So honored to be included in this iconic book series!

Dandelion Moms

I am so honored to be a teen contributor for the awesome lifestyle and culture website Dandelion Moms! Don’t miss all the fun!

My New Book! Coming Soon!

My new book about my Poetic Adventures of a Traveling Teen will be available soon! It will take you on a travel and inspirational journey that you will not want to end!