5 Magical Places to Explore on the Emerald Isle of Ireland

There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were. 


Ireland the land of green hills, kind people, and ancient legends, gave me unforgettable experiences and amazing memories. We traveled for 2 weeks throughout the whole country and every city and sight had something new to offer. I wish that our road trip could have lasted longer and I fell in love with all of the Irish folklore, legends, and art. I cannot wait to return one day! So here are my favorite experiences during our adventure through Ireland. 

Dingle Peninsula

On the Western coast of the country is the Dingle Peninsula, where you can see Ireland’s stunning beaches and cliffs, experience Irish hospitality, and learn all about the hard days during the potato famine. I loved driving along the peninsula and topping to take pictures of all the spectacular views! Thankfully the sun was out that day so the vibrant colors came alive and the weather was warm. 

Killarney National Park 

The Killarney National Park was one of my favorite places to drive through and experience the magic of the Irish landscape. There you can see blue lakes, high mountains, and enchanted forests that make you feel like you are in another world. As we drove through, we stopped along the side of the road and hiked through the many little trails through the beautiful forests and enjoyed the scenery by sitting along the shores of the many lakes.  Unlike other places where there are designed trails and sights, here we could explore on our own and see the real nature of Ireland. 


Glendalough, meaning ‘valley of the two lakes’ in Gaelic, is an old monastery nestled in a valley in the Wicklow Mountains sitting near two beautiful lakes. Founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century A.D., I loved seeing this ancient site and I was amazed at how incredibly preserved it was. Here you can find one of the 6 round towers in all of Ireland and enjoy hikes through the many trails along the lakes and through the beautiful mountains.

The Rock of Cashel 

Along our road trip journey through Ireland, we visited one of the most stunning sites in the whole country – the Rock of Cashel! This incredible medieval sight sits high up on a plateau and makes you feel like you stepped back into medieval times as you explore the stunning cathedral which dates back all the way from the 12th century. Not only can you see an ancient cathedral but you can also see the beautiful green landscape of Ireland, intricate Celtic designs and art, and learn all about St. Patrick who converted the king here to Christianity in the 5th century. 

Kilkenny Castle 

The Kilkenny Castle is a perfect place to glimpse into Ireland’s past, where you can stroll through the gardens, explore the many colorful antique rooms, and learn all about Irish history. Built in the 12th century, the castle sits in the heart of the town of Kilkenny and has a stunning view over the whole region.

Have you ever been to Ireland? What was your favorite place? 

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