A Journey to Discover the Beauty and Stories of Ireland Along the Dingle Peninsula

Stood on Dingle beach and cast, in wild foam we found Atlantic Bass
Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets asked for more
I stood by your Atlantic sea and sang a song for Ireland

As we traveled along on our journey to experience Ireland, we visited the Dingle Peninsula – a place of natural beauty, lost ancient legends, and true Irish culture. The sights and stories of this beautiful place made our Ireland trip so magical and full of experiences we will never forget.

Our adventure started as we drove away from our little B&B in Dingle town and out towards the peninsula. The sun was shining bright that day and the hills were a vibrant green color with the blue sky beaming up above. After reaching the water, we drove along the small coastal road with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean to our left. With my Celtic music playing in my headphones, my window down with fresh air blowing, and my journal and camera at hand, I was ready for an adventure. 

Our first stop was visiting old Irish houses that were lived in during the treacherous potato famine in the 1800s. As we walked up the hill towards the houses we were greeted by some adorable sheep and ponies. One of the ponies looked like it stepped right out of a fairytale story – it was all white and perfectly groomed strolling through the green grass with the blue water of the Atlantic ocean behind. 

It broke my heart to visit the houses and to see what the living conditions were like for a poor family back then. The potato famine was a very dark period in Irish history and a time when about 1 million people died of starvation and another 1 million emigrated away from Ireland. 

After leaving the houses and saying goodbye to our new animals friends, we drove along the coast until we stopped at another archaeological sight – but this time is was much older. Ireland is known for its ‘beehive structures’ ancient homes shaped like beehives that were built without the use of cement and are still standing today. This sight was from about 4000 years old and still remained perfectly intact! 

As we drove more and more along the road, we ended up at the very tip of the peninsula where we found the most stunning sight ever. Down below the road was a beautiful beach with crystal blue water and we felt as if we just were transported to the Caribbean or Greek islands! Along the road was an adorable cafe with an amazing view over the beach. We sat down and enjoyed our view while drinking a coffee and snacking on a delicious freshly baked scone. 

We parked and then walked up a green hill that had an amazing view looking out over the whole beach. We sat down for a while and enjoyed the view, it was so peaceful and quiet up there! I loved looking over the view imagining all the things that had happened here, all the people that had come and gone and yet this beautiful scenery still remained over the centuries. 

After enjoying our time at the beach, we started driving again to explore more of the beautiful peninsula. We found a whole area with many bright and colorful flowers growing and many big boulders that my little brother was enthusiastic about climbing on. As we walked closer and closer, we found an ancient Celtic stone just sitting in the field – it was so cool! 

I loved driving around the Dingle Peninsula and I was so glad that the sun was shining that day – it really brought out the magical colors. I would definitely recommend visiting Dingle for anyone traveling to Ireland! 

Have you ever been to the Dingle Peninsula or Ireland? What was your adventure like?

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