A Journey to the Pyramids of Saqqara and Dashur – Cairo, Egypt

Early in the morning we woke up to go on an exciting adventure out into the desert to discover 2 ancient pyramids sites! We drove about an hour to reach Saqqara up on the desert plateau to see the legendary Step Pyramid which is older that the Great Pyramid and is in fact the oldest pyramid in existence in Egypt!

The famous Imhotep came up with the idea of the pyramid – an inspirational and genius man also known as one of the greatest architects of all times. Saqqara was so rustic and peaceful compared to the Great Pyramid and a must do for anyone who wants to really enjoy the peace and magic of ancient Egypt.

Around the Step Pyramid are many smaller temples and incredible sites that are not very looked after, which gives it much more of an Indiana Jones feel than the other pyramids. You feel completely in your own world, like it is just you and the past history of the ancient Egyptians.

After Saqqara we went to another Pyramid site called Dashur, one of the most incredibly isolated and peaceful places I have visited in Egypt.

In Dashur are two very famous pyramids – the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. These two pyramids were both built before the Great Pyramid and were the two trial and learning experiences that lead to the construction of the Pyramids in Giza. They were built about 4000 years ago and are more intact than the other pyramids I have seen – it was amazing to actually think how old these pyramids are!

The Bent Pyramid is actually a mystery to the world  – some say that they changed the angle half way through construction after realizing that it was too steep, but others think that this was no mistake. The Red Pyramid was similar to the ones in Giza but made with  yellow and red bricks, giving it its name. It was amazing how we were the only people at both of these pyramids – the desert extended into all directions and it was so peaceful! Just us and these magnificent monument that mean so much to world civilizations.

Behind the Bent Pyramid was a temple made out of mud bricks that had a fallen apart but many of the mud bricks were still there. The original bricks were just sitting there completely intact – the straw from 4000 years ago still perfectly bright yellow, as if they made the bricks yesterday!

We enjoyed our time exploring Saqqara and Dashur so much and can’t wait to go back! If you are ever in Cairo, make sure to put these two incredible places on your list! 

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