A Warm Welcome from Students in Giza, Egypt

On our second visit to Egypt this year, we just had to return to the highlight of our first trip – the Pyramids of Giza. 

During this visit to the Pyramids, we had such a warm welcome by the local students who were visiting the with their school groups or with their friends. Currently, there are not many tourists at all and the local kids love meeting foreigners and welcoming them to their country. They absolutely loved taking pictures (especially selfies) with us and asking us questions. We loved chatting with them (at least the ones who spoke English) and getting to know their stories.

Although we truly loved visiting the Pyramids again, the highlight of our day wasn’t the site, but the people we met there. I believe that the only way to really connect to a place is to make friends with the local people.  They were such hospitable and kind kids and I wish I could speak Arabic to chat with all of them!

Many students we met were on field-trips with their classes for the day. It was great taking big group pictures with all the kids and even the teachers wanted their pictures with us! Other kids we met were off school and were just visiting the Pyramids on their day off. I wish I could just go to the Pyramids whenever I had some spare time!

I absolutely love this photo! I love how it shows that no matter religion or nationality, a kind smile can light up the day.



This girl was so adorable!


The Egyptian kids love selfies!


Not a bad view right?!


A whole school group, including the teachers, wanted a picture!





DSC_0834  DSC_0837

Me and one of the teachers

Have you ever visited the Pyramids of Giza? Share your story here!


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