Introducing the Poeticle – My New Literary Style

In addition to my usual blog posts, I am adding a new category showcasing my new literary style – the Poeticle.

A poeticle is a combination of a poem and a travel article. Although I have posted several poeticles before, such as Ode to Rome,  Turkish Dreaming by the Sea, and Sailing Down the Nile, I wanted to introduce it in case anyone was wondering what it meant or if I spelled “poeticle” incorrectly. It is a word I made up and I am hoping one day it will be a new addition to the dictionary!!!

As I write my poeticles, my goal is to inspire people and bring their minds into another world of the past or future, letting their imaginations flow. I try to bring the cities and sights alive by bringing the past back to life through poetry and stories, imagining myself being present in events throughout history.

When I am in a beautiful or magical place throughout my travels, I love to sit down and jot down my poeticles, and they usually just come to me as I have a lifetime supply of material before my eyes. I feel that I connect on a deeper level with a place or ambiance through my writing and hope I can bring it to life for everyone to read.

Hope you enjoy them! 

Writing poeticle ideas at the Sphinx





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