Nazareth, A City of Stories That Changed the World – A Poetical of Christmas Magic

Nazareth, to you I sing a song of love, a song of serenity. A town that has survived the ages, a village that raised a child who became one of the most important people to walk the Earth. Jesus, a boy who would change the course of history, lived here, played in your streets, laughed in your alleys, spoke in your homes.

Do you remember the stories? The tales he would tell? Oh you Nazareth, your foundations have seen the changing of times. Can you remember what he looked like? Can you tell me how he spoke, how he smiled?

The layers of history under my feet await to be found, the echoes of past words that changed thoughts of generations to come. One man, one story, a world change for evermore.

To walk these streets, to see these stones, to know that this is the place Jesus called home. As he was a child in these streets the world knew not of what was to come, yet something was growing, a ray of light beaming into the world.

I can hear his very voice, his cries, his laughter. Below the streets that we walk today, is a whole city hidden beneath the ground. The stones of a distant past like a story that got blown away in the dust. A whole network of streets and secrets lay in the dark, waiting to be discovered, waiting to have their stories heard.

As you walk through Nazareth, the Christmas decorations and kind people fill the streets with life, yet once this place was just a small village nestled in the hills, nobody knowing the changes it would bring.

Mary and Joseph knew these very streets, these same hills and paths. When I try to imagine them being here, I try to see what life would have been like and how they saw the world. They didn’t know much about the earth or the universe, yet these lands and hills saw changes that would change it all.

The church bells ring out echoing on the hills, Christmas carols play in every shop, and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree in the center of town light up the sky. This town carries the magic of Christmas in it’s heart and everyone is celebrating.

No matter the religion, people are joyful and are in a festive mood. What an amazing thing that in a land of political turmoil and conflict, the magic of Christmas still lives on, crossing over the barriers of culture and religion and connecting people through music, prayers, and twinkling lights.

Nazareth, to you I sing a song of love, a song of serenity. 

I loved staying in Nazareth and getting to know the town better – it has so many beautiful places to see and is definitely worth a visit! 

Have you ever been to the Holy Land or Nazareth? 

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