Road Tripping Through New Zealand – Our Adventure to See Milford Sound

On our very first day in New Zealand, we woke up early to start our journey towards Milford Sound – one of the most famous and beautiful places in New Zealand. I was so excited to start our car trip and see all the beautiful mountains and views that I had heard so much about. The drive to Milford Sound is known as one of the most beautiful and scenic drives in the world! 

We drove and drove along side Lake Wakatipu and it was such a peaceful and memorable moment since we were all in awe of the scenery and couldn’t help but snap thousands of pictures. After reaching the edge of the lake, we drove out into the plains and on our way towards Te Anau, a town about half way towards Milford.

I had never realized how much I loved driving through the plains and mountains of New Zealand, the scenery was constantly changing and there was always something beautiful to see. Hour after hour, the rolling hills and plains slowly started to rise into mountains and the roads became more windy. As we approached the mountain range, you could see the snow on the summit up ahead – we were leaving behind the hills ands stepping into the mountains.

Weaving and swerving, we went through forests, past waterfalls, and on the side of cliffs – the scenery was constantly evolving and changing as we climbed and climbed up into the mountains. The forests were so lush and green and almost reminded me of a rainforest  in South or Central America. It was so stunning to feel like we were in the rainforest one second and then peek through the trees and see snow and ice on the tips of tall rocky mountains!

The final step to reach Milford Sound was passing through the Homer Tunnel – a long tunnel  built many years ago without any modern technology!  As we drove through the tunnel, there was water coming through the top and running down the sides – it was amazing and a little uncomfortable at the same time.

After coming back into the open, we could see such a stunning view and we knew we were almost there. As we approached Milford Sound, we could see all the beautiful fjords and waterways out in the distance – We had finally arrived!

Although we did not have enough time to take a tour down the Sound and see the waterfall and mountains, we were so happy with the great adventure we were having while driving. The tide at that time was very low so we could not see a lot of the water but the mountains out in the distance were still beautiful.

Soon enough we were back on the road heading back towards Queenstown, about 4 or 5 hours away. As we drove back through the stunning mountains, I just kept taking more and more pictures, seeing so many more incredible angles and mountain tops that I couldn’t see before. Driving back through the forests, we stopped at a gorgeous waterfall with a clear blue pool below.

I loved pulling over on the side of the road to take pictures and I was so excited for another week of exploring this amazing country! We finally made it back to Queenstown late at night, super tired and happily satisfied with our first adventure and ready for many more to come. 

Have you ever been to Milford Sound or New Zealand? I would love to hear about your adventure! 

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