Spices, Carpets, and Magic – The Colors of Jerusalem

Jerusalem – the city of a thousand colors. The city where people from all over the planet come to see its many marvels and ponder its many secrets. Through the narrow streets of the souqs, you can find all sorts of trinkets, antiquities, and artifacts waiting to be discovered. The spices, the scarves, the pottery, the gold, all waiting to be sold. 

Here are some pictures from our recent trip in Jerusalem, where we saw the many colors and patterns of this everlasting city. My sister and my dad also took many of these photos – we are a big family of photographers! 

A traditional shop in the Muslim quarter

Rosaries hanging from shops near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Delicious pomegranates

Pottery in the Christian quarter

Candies of the Muslim quarter

Spices and incense

Colorful incense

Candies and treats

Pottery and lamps

The colorful spices

The mesmerizing candles of the Holy Sepulcher

Visit Palestine poster

The bookshelf of a unique store on the Via Dolorosa

Colorful scarves in the Muslim quarter

Arabic coffee in the Muslim Quarter

The Church of the Flagellation

A bookstore and cafe on the Via Dolorosa

A golden pot

Have you ever been to Jerusalem? Share your photographs!

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